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Whether you’re planning a quick summer getaway or an extended vacation with the family, the beaches along the Gulf Coast offers something for travelers of all ages. These charming seaside towns dotting the white sandy beaches are

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Whether you’re living in South Korea as an English teacher or just travelling through, the food is something that you just shouldn’t miss. Spicy, salty and extremely carnivorous – from the weird to the wonderful here’s the

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Verona, Italy is a city on the Adige River in Northern Italy, and while it may not be as popular of a destination as Rome or Venice, Verona is a place with a rich history and quite

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Head south-west of Johannesburg and you’ll soon hit Soweto, the most famous township area in Gauteng. Drenched in history and buzzing with energy, this part of the City of Gold is a favourite with tourists from all

The Medieval City Of Ghent

The Medieval City of Ghent was once the second largest city in Europe, just behind Paris. Today, Ghent thrives with an important port and a population of over a million people. However, this scenic city between Brussels

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Italy has for long been a preferred tourist destination with grand architecture, renaissance-age art museums, breath-taking beaches and exotic cuisine. There are several regions that are frequented by tourists in Italy such as Tuscany, Sicily, Rome, Venice

A Locals Guide to Cape Town, South Africa

When you hear any mention of Cape Town, you may know it as the place where the movie Safe House was shot not too long ago. Or, you may associate it with the 2010 FIFA World Soccer

5 Stunning Beaches to Add to Your Bucket List

There are few things in the world which cultivate more inner peace and serenity in me than a beautiful beach. Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel

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Start the clock – you’ve got 24 hours to spend in Prague and there’s not a minute to waste. The city is absolutely buzzing with attractions, so if you’ve come looking for sleep you’ve come to the